6 Rules to Productive Employees

Are your employees as productive as possible?

Business TeamThe move to automation has proven to increase productivity for many employees by removing tedious activities from their daily routine. Automating tasks, such as data capture and data entry, allows for extra time that your employees can use to focus on other projects to benefit your business. In addition, there are several rules you, as an employer, can abide by to ensure your employees stay focused and on task.

In an article that appeared on money.CCN.com, productivity is attributed to finding the right measurement for the job. “Measuring Minds at Work” outlined six rules to ensure your employees are working hard.
1.     Ask Your Employees: If your employees assist with the system of measurement and know their productivity is being evaluated, they’re more likely to feel a sense of ownership and flourish.
2.      Make It Multidimensional: Look at all levels of the worker’s contribution. Everyone thrives and struggles in different areas, so identify those to get a better sense of productivity on each of those levels.

3.      Include an Objective Measure: Include measurements that can be accounted for from the outside so a tangible goal can be reached.

4.      Include a Subjective Measure: Get feedback from the employee, as well as the manager. The worker’s response will give you insight into their mindset.

5.      Don’t reinvent the wheel: If your worker doesn’t need to start from scratch, don’t make them. Utilize the materials that are already created to ensure efficiency.

6.     No Worker is an Island: Encourage team work so no employee feels like they’re on their own.

Don’t let your business suffer from inefficient and unproductive workers. Learn more about ensuring employee productivity by reading the rest of the article here .

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