Don’t Let Inaccurate Data Put You in the Jailhouse

Don't Let Inaccurate Data Put you in the Jailhouse.

Alcatraz Island

Thomas Renault of San Francisco knows all too well that inaccurate data can cause a major headache. His office phone number was incorrectly printed on literature for Alcatraz, the notorious prison located in San Francisco Bay.

‘”The number is off by one,” he said by phone. “A long time ago, the fonts for 7′s and 1′s looked the same, and I think my number got reprinted on all the Alcatraz literature.”’

For the past five years, Thomas has received daily calls from tourists hoping to book a tour to the island. Despite the error being corrected, the material with his number is still in circulation and continuing to generate calls for Alcatraz.

Fortunately, Thomas has a good attitude about the situation and has taken the calls in stride, but that may not be the case when it comes to your business or your clients.

Human error is unavoidable. During data entry, errors occur in price, invoice coding, or simply in transposing numbers. To avoid errors in most cases, staff must manually review the paper documents to correct mistakes. This is a lengthy and tedious process that costs businesses both time and money. When those mistakes aren’t caught, the outcome can be costly.

Don’t take that risk when it comes to your data. Reduce the probability of human error by automating your entire data and document lifecycle.  Helping you prevent errors and eliminating the need to spend valuable time checking for typos are just a few of the ways Advanced Data Spectrum can solve your operational challenges.

To learn more about solving this common obstacle, watch Solving the Accounts Payable Challenge here.

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