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Gain competitive edge from your most valuable asset…

With the global economy finally gaining momentum but still highly unpredictable, this is a key moment to review how your information systems can be better leveraged to minimise risk, redefine business processes and prepare for sustained growth.

Over the next few years, the cumulative impact of developments such as the cloud, big data, content analytics, smarter mobile apps and the Internet of Things will force organisations to either embrace the full range new information management technologies – or put themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Which is why we hope to see you at the AIIM Forum UK in London on 22nd June 2016…

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The AIIM Forum UK is a FREE independent event brought to you by AIIM International, to deliver thought leadership, market insights and expert advice through a one day education-rich programme.

World-class speakers include AIIM’s Global President John Mancini (from the US) plus a wide range of industry experts, technology specialists and in-house practitioners – jointly delivering an unmissable programme of inspirational keynotes, free seminars & roundtables and a unique showcase of the latest information management innovations.

John says, “I’m really looking forward to getting back to London for this event – it’s one I look forward to every year. If you’ve never attended before, it is a totally free event that I will be keynoting. We’ll be focusing on the cumulative impact of developments, such as the cloud, big data, content analytics, smarter mobile apps and the Internet of Things, on organisations like yours.”

As you are probably aware, the problem is not that ECM is no longer relevant. It is a good description of the set of capabilities that evolved from document management and workflow, and a good label for the technologies and capabilities needed to automate relatively static, document-intensive, mission-critical processes.

“Every organization, every executive, every individual, every object is on a digital journey and content is at the

heart of that journey. Content is ubiquitous and critical, but ECM is rapidly becoming invisible.”

-futurist Thornton May.

As an industry and as information professionals, we often explain the business problems we solve in “elevator pitches” that would take a 4,000-storey elevator to tell and use insider terms that the business just doesn’t get. And our pitches can be so rooted in where we have been that we forget to tell people where we are going. So let’s start making the case for better information processes in straight-forward terms that everyone understands…

Join us at the AIIM Forum UK on 22nd June 2016 to find out the latest innovations in content and information management:

  • Integrate communications across multiple channels
  • Improve frontline service and increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce process costs without sacrificing quality
  • Minimise legal & financial risk
  • Unlock the potential of mobile, cloud & social technologies
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Build sustainable growth

This independent event is brought to you by AIIM International to deliver a wealth of thought leadership, market insights and practical advice in a single time-effective day.

And best of all…registration is FREE!

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