Scary Costs of Data Entry

Businesses spend so much time and energy tracking data… Whether its numbers, words, checkboxes, etc. we are often overcome with all the information we gather and ultimately store to use or to have for compliance reasons (or just because we think we need to).  I often wonder if we really understand how much time and effort is put into saving all those receipts, email printouts (because we feel safer with paper), filing the old invoices, worksheets and admission/application forms, the list is endless!  My guess is “no.”  It’s scary to think of what it may cost if you put a pen to it!   I am not even talking about how much it costs to literally have someone organize all that paper (probably copies), look at each piece and pull only the relevant information from it, and then type it into a spreadsheet…later to be distributed to a group of executives may or may not read it.  AND, this could be multiplied across the various departments in your organization!   What a nightmare!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your data entry staff spend less time with manual entry and more time focused on your customers?  We know, across industries, that efficiency is a key component to most operational strategies.  But how can you make these tasks less painful and more importantly, less costly?   Believe it or not, it can be done.  Although it may sound frightening, we can help you reduce overhead and expenses associated with the high cost of data entry so your staff can focus on more profit driven strategies.  In our latest white paper, we put some perspective on how you can determine how much your data really does cost.

So it’s your choice, you can get your “scare” on by going to a haunted house or dive right in and determine how much your data entry costs.  If you dare…

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