The Customer Experience

The key to a successful business is managing and improving customer service.

Customers want to feel as if their inquiries are taken seriously and will be handled in a personalized, efficient manner. With a variety of inbound communication channels to choose from, customers have easy access to representatives, but it is the speed and quality of the response that makes the difference.

In a recent article by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), they state, “Managing multiple inbound channels and subsequent customer workflows for responsiveness, consistency, and compliance presents a challenge, requiring strong procedural adherence, while also providing a degree of personal attention to individual customer’s needs.”

While workflows can be utilized to correctly direct the various forms of inbound communication, the subsequent steps are what make or break the customer experience. The workflow processes need to be intuitive and should leverage the expertise of customer-facing employees, rather than relying on decisions made solely within the IT department. Workflows should also be flexible and learn new pathways that lead to successful outcomes, giving customer service employees the tools to exceed customer expectations.

In addition, workflows mired in paper can be problematic, so all inbound communications should be digitized. AIIM notes that, “50% of respondents are still driving paper through the process workflow, including 12% who print inbound digital items in advance of the process.”

Errors and mistakes due to manual data entry are annoying to customers, leading to a frustrating experience. By moving to a digitized workflow, such issues would be minimized and correspondence would be immediately available in the customer data system. When speaking to a representative, customers expect all of their information and correspondence to be available- even if it was only sent a few minutes ago.

According to AIIM, of the businesses who were using or experimenting with adaptive and intelligent inbound systems,

  • “70% report faster and more consistent customer response.”
  • “50% report they are able to cut out unnecessary steps and shorten end-to-end cycle times.”

Just remember, when customers receive prompt, personalized service, both the business and the customer win.

To read AIIM’s full report, click here.




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