What is your digital transformation strategy?

Does your business have a digital transformation strategy? If the answer is “No”, don’t be discouraged. Plenty of organizations are in the same boat.

There are many reasons why people are hesitant about moving forward with a digital plan. Some fear change, others are concerned about process disruptions, and still others are concerned about the costs of implementing new systems or updating legacy systems. Fortunately, the benefits of moving to a digital system outweigh the pain points experienced along the way.

In AIIM’s Digital Transformation in Action, Patrick McGrath of EMC states, “Digital transformation impacts all areas of the organization, including how work gets done. Better enabling knowledge workers represents one of the single largest opportunities for business transformation in the digital era. Knowledge workers represent 27% of employment costs and many estimate that more than 50% of their time is spent inefficiently. … Disruptors who embrace this approach will win in the digital economy.”

In its article, AIIM expands upon the necessity of digital transformation:

“Simply speaking, according to the World Economic Forum, we are on the cusp of the next industrial revolution,

one that is combining digital and physical systems to create radically new value propositions –

and in the process, disrupting many existing businesses.”

Each organization’s ability to manage and utilize its information assets will be critical to its future success. Regardless of the business type, information gleaned from customers, product shipments, online activity, and other sources, can be used to propel organizational knowledge and success. Not only does it offer insight into business inefficiencies, it also offers an opportunity to understand and invest in customer-centric processes.

In their article, AIIM provides 21 “rules” to help get you started. They offer practical advice and include insightful quotes from industry leaders, such as Pam Doyle of Fujitsu, who states, “You will not overcome digital disruption overnight. Start with a single project. Select one that will yield a ‘quick win’ to demonstrate proof of concept and the potential return on the investment. This will show sound use of your resources and will help get the commitment for additional projects.”

To view the full article from AIIM, including their list of “21 Things You Need To Know” about digital transformation, click here.

If you are ready to move forward, but need help developing a plan, contact us.


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