Getting you back to business

For over 20 years, ADS has been building both our tracking industry experience and the technical expertise to help back it up. Our solutions enable your company to have better overall results, increasing your customer service capabilities, saving time, reducing cost per loan and increasing profitability.

Insurance Document Processing

We understand the challenges of managing resource requirements for processing insurance documents. We’ve been helping insurance trackers for over 20 years. Within that time, we’ve learned how to streamline each step to get results faster and more efficiently. Contact us to see how we can make your tracking operations more profitable.

  • EDI Services
    Let us show you how keying from paper notices is no longer cost-efficient. We will process your EDI and put it directly into your system without the high costs of EDI translation software or the trouble of hiring an EDI resource. Our EDI services save you money and outsource the headaches of managing multiple vendors and dealing with EDI processing issues.
  • Data Entry Services
    Let us take on the mountains of data entry for your insurance notices and convert your fixed costs into variable costs in the process. This keeps your staff focused on the most important aspect of your business: your customers. Our industry experience provides better set-up and ongoing execution for insurance trackers. With ADS experience on your side, you can relax and know your data is being taken care of better than generic outsourced data entry companies ever could.
  • Tracking Document Management System
    Allows trackers to scan documents (insurance notices, etc.) and manage them through the tracking process. These documents can be keyed manually internally, sent for outsourced keying, or routed to a manager for review. The system also provides visibility to the process with the ability to report on document turnaround and workflow. Customized for insurance tracking, the system automatically queues documents by priority, taking into account when the document was received, the lender’s next processing date and promised service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Lender/Customer Portal
    We can provide your lenders with a portal to check insurance status, view reports, report claims, provide data updates, and choose which policies to fund. There is a borrower portal feature as well, enabling the borrower to submit updated insurance information. This portal is designed to provide an extension to your customer service and reduce call center traffic by allowing lenders to check information online and make updates at their convenience.
  • Insurance Document Processing Program
    Outsourcing your insurance document processing will allow your staff to focus on your customer experience while being confident that you have enabled a service that is predictable, scalable, reliable and cost-effective. We will handle it all: from mailroom processing, to keying and EDI processing, and even matching the insurance notice data to the appropriate loan.
  • Software Development & Integration Services
    Our insurance tracking industry knowledge allows us to consult with our insurance tracking customers on the business and compliance issues they are facing and recommend and deliver best-in-class technology solutions. We tightly integrate our solutions with existing systems and processes to increase usability and effectiveness.