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"175 invoices. 17 minutes!!! Start to finish!!! Not two and half hours, or even two hours for speedy inputters but 17 minutes!!!!! An amazing system."

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Nick Crossley
Financial Controller, Parfetts

"We are extremely happy and would absolutely recommend the ADS system to anyone who uses paper or electronic data. The system has hugely improved our processing times and volumes. A fabulous and flexible company."

Steve Lindsey
Prescriptions & Projects Manager, Nutricia

"The ADS team and software have enabled us to significantly reduce processing times. They are highly effective and maintain regular contact. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend them."

Alan Thacker
IT Technical Manager, YPO

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Introducing ADS Capture V8

ADS Capture V8 is packed full of features and cutting-edge technology. Boasting a simple web based user interface it allows for both a quick deployment and simple user experience. The system can be deployed either on premise or hosted for you in our cloud environment.

Key Features

  • Import via email integration, file drag and drop, network monitor or our dedicated scan app
  • Many supported file types including: PDF, TIF, JPG, GIF, Word & Excel
  • Data rich extraction guarantees 100% data accuracy
  • Advanced AI learning of capture areas including summary and table data
  • Workflow and approval with sign-off limits
  • Native and standard exports for many of the leading ERP, Workflow, and Document Management systems
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Save Time, Save Money

Data is an important part of your business

But as documents and data pile up, do you find yourself spending too much time trying to make sense of all the information? Let our experts at Advanced Data Spectrum help you take back your time by finding the right solutions to master your data management.

Our team will work with you

Our team will work with you to create an individualized, customizable approach to streamlining your business data. We work one-on-one to understand your pain points, eliminate bottlenecks, and find the systems and processes that best meet your needs. Our data solutions can integrate seamlessly into the systems your business already has in place, so you can save time and money without skipping a beat.

How We Work For You

Analyze business data and documents

Create collaborative solutions

Integrate streamlined processes

Produce actionable information

We Provide a Wide Range of Services

Finance Solutions

Automate the accounts payable process by making invoice review and approvals fast and easy.

Business Process Outsourcing

We take the heavy burden of these tasks to allow you to focus on your core business.

Data Management

When documents need to be processed quickly and accurately, it’s best to rely on an automated process.

Workflow Solutions

We will optimize your business processes  to efficiently achieve your core business goals.

Software Development

Our tools will work together with the back-end processes you already have in place, allowing you to improve efficiency and productivity.


ADS seemlessly integrates with standard and industry-specialized software.


ADS seemlessly integrates with standard and industry-specialized software.


ADS partners with a variety of services and software to support various processes.


ADS partners with a variety of services and software to support various processes.

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We understand and appreciate that companies are different and require a unique solution.